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Q5id Guardian and Free Guitars 4 Kids Partner to Help Radically Improve Underserved Children's Lives

August 31, 2022 – Hillsboro, OR – Q5id Guardian, created by Q5id, Inc., announces a new strategic partnership with Free Guitars 4 Kids to help them radically improve the lives of underserved children one guitar at a time.

Free Guitars 4 Kids (FG4K) focuses on bringing underserved children the opportunity of owning, caring for, and learning to play their own guitar. While giving a child a guitar may seem like a small, simple act, in reality it’s one small act that can truly change a child’s entire future. Research shows that playing a musical instrument can “accelerate maturity in areas of the brain responsible for sound processing, language development, speech perception and reading skills.” This is why FG4K not only gifts children a guitar but makes sure that they are set up with a mentor and the resources needed to actually learn to care for and play the guitar.

FG4K understands the power that learning to play a musical instrument can have on a child’s mental health and strives to present that opportunity to as many underserved children as possible. “Every child deserves to experience the joy that owning and learning to play a guitar brings. At FG4K we understand that for some children buying a guitar is out of the question, so we’re here to help make it happen,” states FG4K Executive Director Ben Dudley. “With the help of partners, like Q5id Guardian, and community members we are already changing the lives of many deserving children.”

Q5id Guardian is honored to partner with and support such a giving organization. One of the most important parts of the Guardian app is that we are backed by the undivided support of community members who strive for the greater good of others. This is why we believe that our missions align perfectly.

“Both Q5id Guardian and FG4K need the support of the community to flourish, and we know that this partnership will only attract even more good-natured individuals who have the desire to give back and help those in need,” says Q5id CEO Steve Larson. “Whether it’s a child who needs a guitar or an individual who needs help finding their missing loved one, the undying support for both causes begins right here with this partnership.”

As Q5id Guardian continues to grow a community full of empowered individuals, we hope to also help nurture FG4K by advocating for their important mission to deliver this enriching opportunity to as many underserved children as possible.

Together, we will help make the world a better place for underserved youth. 

About Free Guitars 4 Kids

Free Guitars 4 Kids believes that every child should be able to experience both the tangible benefits and the joy of owning a musical instrument, regardless of his or her ability to purchase one. With millions of unused guitars collecting dust and millions of kids unable to purchase a guitar, research shows that putting guitars in the hands of these kids will radically improve their cognitive, creative, and mental focus and give them a better chance to lead a productive and successful life. Changing the world 1 guitar…1 kid…1 family…1 community at a time! Learn more at fg4k.org.

About Q5id Guardian

Q5id Guardian – the new app revolutionizing how missing people are located and returned home safely. Guardian uses the power of community, instant localized alerts, and patented technology. The moment a loved one is thought to be missing Guardian+ subscribers can issue an alert with the tap of a button. The alert instantly notifies all Guardians in the immediate area via push notification to jump into action and join the search. All member identities are verified with the patented Q5id Proven Identity technology ensuring transparency and safety for all Guardians. Depend on Q5id Guardian to help bring missing loved ones home safely. Learn more at guardian.q5id.com.

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