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Making the Band

“Ivan Olinghouse, the band and choir director at Ashland High School said the impact is profound. 
‘It’s just such a huge part of the battle trying to get them engaged and going on their instruments,’ Olinghouse told NewsWatch 12. ‘Boy, seeing that first kid walk out the door with the guitar, just, you know, we were in tears — because it’s such a hard process to try and find opportunities.’ 
Students NewsWatch 12 spoke with said they are excited to have their own guitar. This allows them to perfect their craft at home instead of sharing minimal equipment. 
‘I was, like, so surprised when they got us, like, new guitars,’ said Mya Hayes, a student. ‘…I didn’t realize we got to take them home. I thought that they were like, just for the school. And then when I found out they, like, came with amps and straps and all that stuff, I was stoked.’ 
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