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The Power of Music and Personal Growth

We are so proud to share our most recent update from our Program Partners at the Maricopa Juvenile Detention Center. This new program is growing with its impact, and FG4K just recently sent a second shipment of guitars for their growing efforts.  

“We will be doing another recruitment for our guitar club and will hopefully be partnering with Arizona State university who will help us teach. Currently we have two staff giving instruction which has been great, but by partnering with the University we can give ASU graduate students the opportunity to earn hours teaching our youth. The gift of the guitars we receive from Free Guitars 4 Kids is an understanding that our youth are not forgotten but still encouraged by the arts and community.”-Mark Eastin Juvenile Detention Officer Supervisor (JDOV)

Here at FG4K we value the gift of joy and collaboration, and Maricopa Juvenile Detention Center is doing just that. We cannot wait to hear more uplifting stories as their program grows. Rock on!