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WHEN: DECEMBER 8TH.    7:00PM-9:00PM

LOCATION: YETI  220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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On December 8th, FG4K is teaming up with YETI to host a concert at their flagship store on S. Congress Ave.  The goal of the event is to invite people to donate guitars and or donate money to support the purchase of a guitar for a kid.  We have teamed up with several area nonprofits who will receive the guitars that are collected after our amazing volunteers restring and fix them up.  

Our hope is to help provide a guitar for every kid who needs one in their program.


Jonathan Terrell has been doing things on his own for two decades now. He likes it that way, conjuring stories from histories both shared and made-up, creating a world from the depths of his imaginations and from his humble roots in equal parts. Born and raised in a trailer hidden far in the Pine Curtain of East Texas to a family of ex-religious cult musicians, Terrell has taken the myths and lineage of his deeply held history and mixed them into a radically inventive career as the torch-bearer of Austin, Texas’ cosmic country scene.

After crashing down like a UFO in the still nascent days of Austin’s modern era, Terrell quickly became one of the city’s fastest rising stars, blending the seriousness and dedication it takes to make it as a songwriter with an unabashed desire to whip every show into a frenzy and have a wild time. Drenched in sweat but more suave than your best tux, the Jonathan Terrell show quickly became the stuff of legend.

In the early days, Terrell balanced his burgeoning solo career with his work as frontman of local rock n roll powerhouse, Not in the Face, showing a duality and versatility rarely seen in country. Early records like 2008’s Trials & Stimulations and 2015’s Past the Lights of Town established him as a boozy street poet, a gun-toting feminist (Vice) with the theatrics of a Texas Springsteen and the introspective power of Townes Van Zandt. He followed those records with his latest album, 2020’s Westward, which was hailed by Rolling Stone as “irresistible.”

No one has more fun than Jonathan Terrell; you can see it when he’s on-stage making even the most cynical crowd shake their asses and you can hear it in his songs. With his new EP, A Couple 2, 3, the singer-songwriter now signed to Range Music has translated his philosophy into a staggeringly coherent, funny, heartbreaking, and gorgeous project. Highlighted by brilliant singles like “Better For You,” which comes alongside a self-directed video with frequent collaborator Shakey Graves onboard as a producer, it’s clear that two decades into this game, Terrell is firmly in his prime.


“I’ve had a career doing this for a long time, but I’ve always been on an independent streak,” Terrell explains with his signature Texas twang. “I’m ready for something new, and I think I have the material to take that next step.” There’s a bravery in Terrell’s storytelling on this new project that only comes from repetition and honing the craft. “Better For You” can be summarized with the simple yet striking line, “Next Time I’ll Be Better For You.” Terrell began writing “I Know” at a Paul Simon concert, when he saw a beautiful woman running down the aisle with two big beers splashing down her arms, and “Place Out Back” tells the story of the mobile homes hidden on ranches and behind bars that he’s called home over the years.

The thread that weaves these disparate tracks together is Jonathan, who tells tales like an old folk troubadour, updated for the craziness of the 21st century. The way Terrell owns these songs, honors the stories he tells with joy and bravado, comes from his tenacious work ethic, all those days on the road, engaging in musical conversations with his fans to figure out what works best. Hearing Jonathan Terrell perform live, especially these new songs, paints the picture of a truly unstoppable country star.

Between his side gig touring the world in and with Midland and a record label by his side that believes in his creative vision as a songwriter, photographer, director, and part time Honky Tonk/Disco DJ, Jonathan Terrell has finally assembled a team that enables him to be his best self. “They have my back all the time and I think that makes me write from a stronger perspective,” adds Terrell. “I don’t have any fear at all.”