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Our hope is that these instruments can truly be transformational for kids so we look for organizations around the country who are making an impact and find ways to support them.  Enter the Community Music School in Raleigh, NC. Since its founding in 1994, Community Music School (CMS) has positively influenced the lives of over 2,000 Wake County students through professional music education. Annual enrollment at CMS averages 100 students, all with limited financial resources, for 34 weeks of rigorous private and ensemble instruction and summer camps. Once we learned about CMS, and their need for 15 guitars for fall programming, we knew we had to help! “ The shared belief that music education can change lives and should not be restricted by financial circumstances is at the core of both The Community Music School’s and Free Guitars 4 Kids mission and vision. The guitars provided by Free Guitars 4 Kids coupled with the Community Music Schools instruction will help to benefit underserved youth in the Raleigh  community.”  – Bailey Leonard, Volunteer Program Coordinator – FG4K Raleigh We are excited about this partnership and looking forward to supporting the Community Music School for years to come.